Course on Trading & Investing Horizon-Experiential Learning

Bootcamp - Live Trading Workshop


Learn to trade and invest in stocks with guidance and instructions from the professionals at BSE Institute Ltd. Our experiential learning methodology will teach you how to trade in stocks and how to invest in the stock market using the required hand holding, professional-level skills and strategies regardless of your experience and trading style. This course includes live trading in the markets, where you'll learn how to trade stocks online under the guidance of an expert instructor who will teach you the ins-and-outs of how to do stock trading.

Day 1
1. What is a Stock Market and how does it work? 3. Impact of Economic Indicators in Stock Market
What is a stock market? Monetary policy, GDP, Inflation, budget fiscal deficit, etc.
How exactly does it work? 4. Mock Stock
How prices go up/come down in the stock market? Physical trading of stock with the help of Mock Stock Kit
Limit orders and market orders 5. Identifying Financial needs & financial goal setting

Day 2
6. Stock Picking 7. Fundamental Analysis using or
Introduction Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
Qualitative Analysis Understanding Financial Statements
Value Investing How to read an Annual Report
GARP Investing Ratio Analysis

Day 3
8. Derivatives
Introduction To Derivatives Futures contracts
Types of derivative contract Options contracts
Forward contracts

Day 4
9. Technical Analysis using or
Dow Theory Bar chart
Trendlines (Support & Resistance) Candlesticks
Moving averages Onscreen activity on Technical Analysis (Simulation screen)
Price pattern - line chart

Day 5
10. Getting Prepared before the market opens, reading your time and sales window
Understanding the game screen On-screen pre-market update activity on the simulation screen
Newspaper & TV news analysis Connecting with the news updates
11. Trading in Simulation Screen 12. Actual Trading
Placing an order Activity on building self or parents financial portfolio
Analysing your portfolio 13. Build & Track your Portfolio
Analysing the watch list How to build and track your portfolio
Analysing the history Portfolio Optimization

Should have successfully completed Basic course on Stock Market (BCSM)

  • Individuals interested in stock market investing
  • Sub-brokers
  • Investment Consultants
  • Depositories, Banks & Insurance Company Executives
  • Mutual Funds Distributers
  • Housewives and Students
  • 5 Days
    10.00 am. to 5.30 pm

    25000 + Applicable Taxes

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