Certificate Program on BlockChain Application and Coding


The Internet is entering its second era, unveiling new possibilities and making a promise of “trust without trust”. Blockchain- the internet of Value is the new platform being used to reshape the world of business. It provides a novel solution to the age-old human problem of trust. It allows us to trust the outputs of the system without trusting any actor within it.

Blockchain Short Term Experiential Program is designed to help the candidates dive into Blockchain Programming and achieve a complete understanding of Blockchain. Starting from core concepts of Blockchain/Ethereum and extending to coding in Remix - Solidity IDE and writing smart contracts. After taking this course you will be able to: write your own contract and implement various use cases.


  • Basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, Java, C, C++, Linux etc.
  • A Linux laptop (preferable 4GB RAM or higher) with basic hardware/software configuration.
  • The Following Free Software must be downloaded prior to the program:
    • Remix - Solidity IDE: https://remix.ethereum.org/
    • Geth: https://geth.ethereum.org/downloads/
    • Node JS : https://nodejs.org/en/download/
    • Truffle : http://truffleframework.com/docs/getting_started/installation
    • Metamask Chrome Extension: https://metamask.io/
  • Day 1 (Before Break): Key Concepts To understand Blockchain
    Introduction to blockchain Private & Public Key
    Hash Function Ether & Gas
    Blockchain data structure Mining
    Merkle Tree

    Day 1 (After Break) & Day 2 (Before Break): Ethereum Blockchain – Geth
    Introduction to Geth. Clone & Compile Geth Create & execute transaction to deploy the contract
    Create & initialize Geth and Start Geth View transaction before and after mining
    Create Account, Start & Stop Mining & Private Key File Call function using instance
    Store Contract in a variable, compile the contract & view the compile code Call function using .sendTransaction
    ABI definition & Create object for contract deployment

    Day 2 (After Break) & Day 3 (Before Break): Solidity
    Introduction to Smart Contract State Variables & Control Structure
    Writing your first Smart Contract Comment a statement
    Create function inside Smart Contract Boolean, Integer & Float Variables
    Deploy Smart Contract Fixed Size Byte
    Call Function String
    Address Variables
    Function returning multiple value
    If, Else, While, Do, For, Break, Continue, Return
    Data Location Structure
    Storage Enums & Events
    Memory Constructor Function
    Call Data Modifier Function
    Handling Ether in Solidity

    Day 3 (After Break): Truffle
    Introduction to Truffle Compiling, building & Migrating contracts using Truffle
    Installing Truffle Create connection between JS module and smart contract
    Truffle data Structure
  • Software Architects
  • Programmers
  • Students
  • 3 Full days
    (Saturdays and Sundays: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm)

    Rs. 15,254.00 + Applicable Taxes per participant inclusive of tuition fees, reference material and (morning / evening) refreshments only.

    For further details regarding contents,
    E-mail: training@bseindia.com