Certificate Program on Bond Markets


  • To provide conceptual, analytical and practical inputs for understanding debt instruments and applying tools and techniques of fixed income analytics.
  • To make participants familiar with the concepts of bond mathematics and application of the same in trading and practice
  • To explain the pricing and valuation of fixed income securities
  • Presentation and discussion
  • Excel exercises wherever required
  • Cases and examples
  • ession 1 - Basics of Debt Markets

  • Introduction of debt market
  • Different types of debt instruments
  • Role of debt markets in capital markets

  • Session 2 -Analysis of Macro Economic Indicators of Debt Markets & Regulatory Framework

    Session 3 -Bond Structure

  • Coupons, yield, and redemption
  • Cash-flows in a bond / NCD

  • Session 4 - Callable and Putable Bonds

  • Basics of derivatives (options)
  • Understanding the working of callable and putable bonds

  • Session 5 -Risks in Bonds

  • Interest rate risk, Prepayment risk, reprising risk, yield curve risk

  • Session 6 -Risks in Bonds

  • Credit risk and its sub-categories
  • Liquidity risk
  • Exchange rate risk
  • A simple case study on how companies having FCCBs almost went bankrupt

  • Session 7 -Time value of money and introduction to bond valuation

    Session 8 - Bond valuation

  • How bond prices change
  • Calculating value of bonds

  • Session 9 -Mortgage backed securities and asset backed securities

    Session 10 -Basics of valuation of MBS and ABS

    Session 11 -Case studies

    Session 12 -Trading Strategies in Debt Markets

    Session 13 -Bond Pricing

    Session 14 -RETURN ANALYSIS

  • Potential Sources of Rupees Return
  • Total Return
  • Measuring Historical Performance

  • Session 15 -Price Volatility For Option-Free Bonds

  • Price Volatility of Option-Free Bonds
  • Duration as a Measure of Price Volatility
  • Combining Duration and Convexity to Measure Price Volatility
  • Duration and the Yield Curve

  • Session 16 -Bond Portfolios Profile (Risks and Accounting issues)

  • Held To Maturity
  • Available For Sale
  • Held For trading
  • 4 Full Days (Saturdays & Sundays), 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

    Rs. 13,200.00 (Service Tax) per participant inclusive of tuition fees, reference material and (morning / evening) refreshments only.

    For further details regarding contents,
    E-mail: training@bseindia.com