Certificate Program on Commodity and

Currency Markets


The program focuses on the current profile of the markets and offers up-to-date insights. It also emphasizes the integrated nature of the market - in particular, the opportunities this provides for arbitrage and hedging. This program would also help participants to understand qualitative & quantitative aspects of both the markets & their products and function along with the regulatory framework. There is a particular focus on the pricing, risk measurement principles & trading strategies which are globally applicable in these markets.

  • Live market exercises
  • Presentation and discussion
  • Excel exercises wherever required
  • Cases and examples
  • 1. Indian and Global commodity & currency markets: An Introduction

    2. Regulatory framework for commodity and currency markets
       a. Power and Function of regulatory body
       b. Regulation related with trading & hedging
       c. Regulation related with PMS and trading in international markets

    3. Exchange & Broking operation
       a. Trading and Contract specification
       b. Online surveillance & Risk management (VaR Margining)
       c. Clearing and Settlement
       d. Physical deliveries

    4. Pricing the Currency & Commodity Futures
       a. Pricing the currency futures based on interest rate differentials
       b. Pricing the commodity futures based on cost of carry model

    5. Understanding Currency options, pricing and trading dynamics
       a. Option pricing for currency product
       b. Option Strategies
       c. Option data reading

    6. Fundamental Analysis- Currency Markets
       a. USDINR
       b. EURINR
       c. GBPINR
       d. JPYINR

    7. Fundamental Analysis- Commodity Markets (Bullion, Metals, Energy and Agri)
       a. Bullion markets
       b. Metal Markets
       c. Energy product
       d. Agri dynamics

    8. Technical Analysis with specific reference to commodity and currency trading
       a. Day trading
       b. Positional trading

    9. Application of Derivatives in Currency Markets for importers, exporters and actual users
       a. Hedging
       b. Long hedge & short hedge
       c. Hedge ratio

    10. Application of Derivatives in Commodity Markets for producers, consumers, refiners, jewellers, importers, exporters and processors
       a. Ram material cost hedging
       b. Finished product sales hedging
       c. Basis risk management

    11. Trading Strategy for Commodity and Currency markets
       a. Cash and carry arbitrage
       b. Reverse cash and carry arbitrage
       c. Calendar spread
       d. Pair spreads
       e. Product spreads
       f. Triangular arbitrage in currency markets
       g. Statistical trading

    12. Live trading and Case Study
       a. Live trading during market hours
       b. Intraday trading using technical analysis

    Research analysts in currency and commodity markets, Dealers, traders and brokers from securities and commodities markets, Treasurers and Financial Managers from banks and financial institutions, Risk Managers, Strategist, Students who aspire to pursue a career in commodity and currency markets.

    7 Days (Saturday and Sunday) and one live trading session on a weekdays
    10.00 am to 5.30 pm

    Rs. 24,000.00 + Applicable Taxes per participant, inclusive of course material and tuition fees.

    For further details regarding contents,
    E-mail: training@bseindia.com