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Financial Modeling

Program Name:     Financial Modeling Overview:

EduPristine in collaboration with BSE Institute Limited offers a joint certification course on Financial Modelling to cater to the growing demand for financial professionals in India.

During the course, you will learn to create your own financial model. You will receive training on Valuation Modeling, Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Analysis, Project Finance Modeling using Toll Road Model, Macros, Advanced Functions & Charting and Dash boarding Techniques.

It will help you to make or enhance your career in the field of Equity research, investment banking, corporate finance, Project finance, credit rating etc. We offer courses on financial modeling using Excel through classrooms and online mode.

1. Valuation Modeling

  • Understanding Integrated Financial Models
  • Excel Efficiency Shortcuts and formulae, Array Function & Pivot Table
  • Cash and Interest Revolver
  • Building Historical Financial Statements
  • Projecting Financial Statements
  • Modeling the Depreciation Schedule
  • Modeling Mat & Mat credit
  • Tax on Tax Payable
  • Valuation DCF and Comps
  • Equity Modeling – Equity Infusion
  • Performing Ratio Analysis
  • WACC and cost of Equity Analysis
  • Performing Valuation using DCF (FCFF & Enterprise Value)
  • Performing Sensitivity / Scenario Analysis

  • 2. Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Analysis
  • Building Merger Inputs
  • Stock and Cash Mix Deal
  • Forms of Payment in a Merger Deal
  • Hostile Vs Friendly offer
  • Evaluating a Merger Bid
  • Synergy and Accretion/Dilution Analysis
  • Contribution Analysis
  • Accretion and Dilution

  • 3. Project Finance Modeling
  • Understanding Date functions
  • Modeling Cash flow waterfall
  • Delays in Projects
  • Circular references and modeling IDC
  • Cash Flow Waterfall Model – Modeling Payoffs to investors using Goal Seek

  • 4. Macros for Financial Modeling
  • Writing & Recording Macros
  • Working with cells and ranges in VB
  • Using Excel Form Controls for flexible GUI
  • Case study - Breaking circular loops
  • Understanding VBE
  • Case study - Monte Carlo Simulation

  • 5. Advanced Functions for Financial
  • Using advanced functions like Offset, Index
  • Modeling using Named Ranges
  • Advanced lookups using Index and Match
  • Modeling synergies using Solver

  • 6. Advanced Charting and Dash boarding Techniques
  • Creating flexible charts
  • Creating waterfall chart
  • Creating dashboard using charts
  • Creating football field

  • Target Audience:

    Professionals in corporate and financial institutions who wish to raise their financial valuation skills to a superior level - Bankers/Real Estate Finance Executives, Analysts, Financial Managers and Consultants, Fund Managers, Investment Bankers and Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants, Corporate Property Managers, Property Fund Management Staff, Property Analysts and Developers, Real Estate Investors, Insurance Professionals, Valuers, Leasing Executives, Securitization Executives

    70Hrs (14 Days) of Comprehensive Training

    INR 30,000 (14 days Classroom Trainings, 24 * 7 Access to Material, Discussion Forums, Live Webinar, Video Recording of Webinar For all the Topics, Downloadable Financial Models of various companies)

    To enrol for the program:
    Click on the link Financial Modeling