Team Perks The following is a sampling of the perks of being in The Zone.

1) Work space: Companies receive work space in a communal setting, meeting rooms, and WI-FI service. Additionally we’ve carefully handpicked a collaborative community of entrepreneurs eager to share their experiences and knowledge.

2) Mentorship & Business Development Counseling: During your stay at the Accelerator program you will have access to our rich network of advisers and mentors, in India and North America. You will be able to meet them for one-on-one consultations to leverage their experience and vast networks. The Accelerator program’s unique roster of advisers’ spans across a variety of relevant sectors. We will continue to expand the list of advisors in the future. You also get access to the Accelerator program community by participating in speaker series, networking events and panel discussions.

3) Networking Opportunities: As a member of the Accelerator program you will have the opportunity meet frequently with visiting businessmen, government representatives, venture capitalists, experts and international delegates. You will occasionally be encouraged to pitch to these visitors. These opportunities to network will likely result in many fruitful relationships.

4) Promotion Opportunities: The Accelerator program companies will have the opportunity to utilize media relations and marketing. The media relation’s team can help craft media pitches around your milestones and provide media training.

5) Funding: Companies in the accelerator program will be assisted in identifying variety of funding options. Companies will also be advised on preparation for investor pitches.

6) Soft Landing to North American Market: The Accelerator program is the result of collaboration between the Bombay Stock Exchange, Ryerson University, and Simon Fraser University, with one of the goals being to help Indian companies in the program access the North American market. Experts with experience in the North American market can provide you with advise on a variety of subjects include product customization, legal requirements and managing relationships.

7) Peer to Peer Meeting Sessions: During your stay at the Accelerator program we will be tracking you will be required to update us on your progress regularly through a regularly scheduled mandatory peer-to-peer mentoring session. These sessions allow us to better assist you to achieve your milestones. Regular check-in meetings provide guidance and advice to companies on virtually all matters of business operation. We will monitor your progress to ensure you are receiving the help you need to achieve your milestones.