"The India Inclusive Growth Story"

Thoughts Behind the Event

The Indian economy, which has over the last six decades passed through various phases of growth, is now all set to enter an altogether different orbit: one marked by a high rate of expansion, combined with 'inclusive growth. In the last few years, inclusive growth has been at the forefront of studies sponsored by multilateral aid agencies, such as the United Nations, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). However, for inclusive growth to happen in a country with the scale and size of India, private sector involvement is equally important. The government and private sector can play complementary roles in driving inclusive growth. There is a need for the public and the private sector in India to have a unified approach towards how they can extend, innovate, and collaborate in new ways to drive inclusive growth. This event by the BSE institute is thus an initiative to lay a common platform to welcome thoughts of youth as well to hear opinions of the experienced.